The 7 Love Languages of Music

Tis the time of the year to think about love songs; what they mean, where they come from, and which ones can best be played on your piano after a romantic dinner (wink wink). But alas, here’s the thing – love songs are varied. ‘Love’ doesn’t just mean one thing; it doesn’t just express one simplistic emotion. It can be portrayed in many ways, depending on the status of your relationship, the way you best interact with each other (or choose not to) and where you might be going.

The beauty of music is that it finds a way to express all of these emotions. So while we all know the 5 basic Love Languages, here are 7 categories that we’ve broken down into the Love Languages…Of Music:

The Soulful Serenade – Elvis, Bill Withers, Boys II Men….these guys know what they’re doing when they sing a love song. They’re ready to lure you in, make you feel like a lady (or gentleman) and romance you until your knees go weak. We know this kind of romance doesn’t suit everyone though, so for those who are a little less dramatic we have

The Too Cute To Handle – Think of those feel-good love songs that can mean a lot, but can also be a little silly. Great for the couple who likes to laugh together, or karaoke together, or sing along on a long road trip together. Early-era Beatles were great at this, as was Paul McCartney in his Wings days. But, if romance is too serious and cute isn’t the right fit, if you need more drama and excitement in your romance, then we present to you

The Pour Your Heart Out Belter – Whitney, Celine, Barbara. These women make you feel ALL the feels in the most emphatic way possible. We can belt their songs when we’re crazy in love….or when we’re broken to bits. Whatever it is, when you hear or sing these songs, there’s no doubt you’re feeling something. But for those with a more laid-back approach to their emotions,

The Sweet & Simple – might be just the right fit. Picture laid-back singer songwriters, old-school country artists, loving duets that make you sigh and feel good. There’s not a whole lot of instrumentation or big drawn-out notes needed to convey the love in these songs; you just know it’s real. Because if it’s not real, it might just be

The Come Hither – We’ve all heard it on the radio. And I’m sure many have felt it. Infatuation.Yes, one can be both infatuated and in love. But all those songs about getting it on in one night? Well, that’s something different. And if one person is more into the come hither, while the other is looking for something more, well then that takes on a new meaning that is PERFECT for our next category:

The We Broke Up, But I Still Love You – Because let’s be honest, there are a lot of unequal relationships out there. And not all break-ups are created equal. Some of the best love songs are about the love that no longer exists, or maybe never even existed in the first place. These are the gut-wrenching, chest-heaving, cry-in-your-PJs kind of songs that make you hurt. Until, that is, you discover

The I Love Myself, So It’s Okay – Sometimes, loving yourself is all that matters. That’s why we celebrate GALentine’s Day, y’all! So if you’ve come to terms with your singleness, or you’re just loud and proud and happy, then these are the love songs for you. In fact, these should be the love songs for all of us.







So Happy Valentine’s, Galentine’s and (whatever it is that single guys do to pass the day away) to all!

And if you’re thinking of putting any of these pieces to practice, well, don’t forget to make sure you’re all tuned and ready to go!

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