Behr Bros. Historical Grand Piano


Built in the late 1880’s, this Behr Bros. Grand Piano ser. #15560 features a beautiful walnut cabinet with uniquely carved legs and pedal lyre. Rebuilt approximately 25 years ago, this 130 year old instrument has a extremely rich tone overall, especially in the bass section, and holds its tuning very well.

The keys are grade “A” ivory and are in excellent condition. No loose bridge pins or caps – no loose ribs.

This instrument was brought in on consignment from the estate of Shelby Singleton, owner of Sun Records in the late 60’s and producer of songs such as “Harper Valley PTA” and the “Million Dollar Quartet”, with Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.

This piano was purchased originally by Mr. John Thompson, owner of the Glenn Levin Estate during the Civil War. In that Glen Levin was used as a field hospital during the war, the original square grand piano was used as an operating table and ruined. It was this Behr Brothers Grand that the Thompson family purchased as a replacement instrument.

Our company offers several options for the restoration of this instrument if that is of interest. As it is, it plays well, has a stable tuning and sounds great!

Dimensions: 6’9″ L x 57″ W

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