Employee feature - Larry


Larry Mitchell is the Lead Piano Technician at Seale Keyworks. He has been an employee of the company for about 15 years, but interestingly enough, his foray into the piano world began much, much earlier.

He secured his first job at a music store when he was just 14 years old. Although he was drawn to the music store to look at guitars, the store primarily featured pianos, and Larry was offered a job dusting pianos, cleaning windows, sweeping and mopping floors.

Fast forward 10 years, and Larry began moving pianos part-time for Otey Chrisman Music in Selma, AL. Here, he had several mentors in piano technology, including Earnest Harris, Elmer Guy, and Carl Pogue. Larry soon began tuning pianos at Otey Chrismas Music and worked with E. E. Forbes Piano Company and Ellis Piano Company in Birmingham.

When Larry made it to Tennessee, he was affiliated with Shuff’s Music in Franklin before landing at Seale Keyworks. He was also a Piano Technician at Samford University and Middle Tennesee State University, as well as the Production Supervisor for William Knabe Piano Assembly at Samick Music Corporation.

Next time Larry comes out to tune your piano, don’t be afraid to ask him a little about his experience in the piano industry. Clearly, there is a lot of wisdom behind his steady hands and knack for the keys.


Employee feature - Larry Working

by Austin